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Dr. Goldie VanHeel

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Internal Family Systems (IFS)
Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

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There is currently a lot of talk about "boundaries" and what they mean, leaving many people unsure. This confusion is often accompanied by a range of symptoms such as low self-esteem, struggling with moderation, striving for unrealistic perfection, becoming lost in relationships and more. If you are experiencing these issues, it's possible you may be struggling with codependency that can lead to anxiety, feelings of separation from others, difficulties with intimacy, and repeating parenting behaviors that you disliked growing up. To address these concerns and help you understand your experiences, I use the codependency model developed by Pia Mellody, author of Facing Codependence. Sometimes, these behaviors are learned from difficult, immature, or narcissistic parents, and we can work on this as well.


I also rely on several tools, including Dr. Karyl McBride's model from her book, Will I Ever Be Good Enough.


Regardless of the approach we take, I will help you reconnect with your body to access your inner wisdom.

About Dr. Goldie

Dr. Goldie has been providing therapy for more than 10 years. She has worked in community mental health, college counseling, codependency centers, managed health care, and now in private practice. Her focus is on adults of every gender, relationship structure, and sexual orientation. 

She received her doctorate in clinical psychology, social justice track, from the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University, San Francisco. Her doctoral dissertation research addressed microaggressions experienced by women with invisible disabilities. As a member of the LGBT+ community, Dr. Goldie is also certified in LGBT-informed therapy by The Rockway Clinic in San Francisco.

Dr. Goldie VanHeel

All appointments are virtual. 

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